How To Start A Managerial And Catering Business

If you know you have passion for managerial business like managing events, party also catering business like baking and cooking, and you don’t know how to start also if you are the type of person that needs to know more about this business start-up, read on and you will get the idea.

A managerial and catering business is a nice and cool business, there’s fun in it and at the same time it needs a lot of attention. This type of business needs a personal training, I mean before you decide on establishing a business that’s about managerial and catering service, you must undergo training, because you can’t just take any action to establish a managerial and catering business without having the skill, you must undergo some training. It’s only a genius and a talented person that does not need to undergo such training (kidding :D).

How Do I Get Started?

I believe you have the practical idea? Now let’s move. You will need to get a business location, I mean a shop where you can offer your service to customers, and after getting the shop, you can now look for a supplier that will be supplying you with goods.

Be careful when you are looking for a supplier, research very well. In this kind of business, you need a supplier that will be ready to listen to you whenever you need a help, a supplier whom you can bargain a deal with in terms of buying goods from him or her, and paying for the goods after some weeks. Don’t be afraid to network with different suppliers, in case he or she failed you can get another one i mean another supplier.

If you don’t want to engage in this business alone, you can hire some skilled caterers and event managers that will be doing the job and all what you will be doing is to direct them, supervise them and act like the boss though you are the boss 😀 . If you are to hire caterers or event managers, make sure they undergo tough screening, make sure they are able to prove themselves before considering them. After getting all this done, you will need to register your business depending on the type of business entity you want it to be e.g. sole proprietorship, LLC etc.

Getting Customers

After carrying out the necessary activities , you need to start promoting your business, inform people about your business, go to places tell them about your business, whenever they want to organize a party, events or shows also whenever they need fast food they can call for you and you will give them the best service they ever wanted. Don’t be afraid to network, network with people, be humble remember “customer bring customers” and you should keep trying your best by offering them the best and quality service also always make them happy am sure with this, your business will be a successful one.

Below are The Cons and Pros Of This Business:

The Pros

1. Even if you don’t want to partake in any work, you can just hire skilled caterers and event managers that will be working under you, and you will be the boss, all what you just need to do is to get contract I mean you need to promote your business so that you can get customers.

2. If you take this business serious, I bet you, in no time you will be famous I mean your business will bring more fame to you and money :D.

3. It’s a fun catching job.


1. This business needs a lot of attention or else it will fail.

2. A standard business location is mandatory so that people will know that you are serious about your job.

3. It’s stressful but not that stressful.

4. You need an understandable capital.

5. Failure to have the skill will affect your business! So make sure you undergo the business training before establishing the business, and if you don’t want to partake in the business alone you can hire workers with the skill.

So if you really love this business and you really want to go for it, you must be self prepared, also you must be ready to give it all what it takes. What Next? Take Action!


Do you really love this idea and if you do in what other way would u love to start from or would you love to follow this step? Feel free to comment below Thanks.

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