How To Seek For The Right Business Mentor

Who is a mentor? A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor (As defined by Dictionary). Have you ever thought of having a business mentor? Someone who will guide you through in your entrepreneurship journey, a person you can run to, I mean someone who you can seek advice from when you are facing any problem in the business world?

Incase you don’t have a business mentor, I think it will be better for you to have one, because having a business mentor increases the chance of success in your business.

Mastermind entrepreneurs do have a business mentor while the amateur entrepreneur’s does not have. Amateur entrepreneurs love to go on solo I mean they believe they can do it all alone and they don’t need any business mentor, but a mastermind entrepreneur knows that he or she needs a good business mentor.

Below are the tips to seek for the right business mentor:

Area Of Specialization: Choose a business mentor in the same area of specialization, I mean a business mentor that is in the same field with you. It is not advisable for you to choose a business mentor from different field, for instance, you are a software trader and you are choosing a footwear expert to be your mentor. If you are doing that, you are on the wrong path.

Network: You don’t have to sit down there, thinking that the right business mentor will come and meet you. You need to go out there and look for one, by attending seminars, conference meeting pertaining to your area of specialization, through that you can get your business mentor, network with successful people that will add value to your life. Don’t be shy I guess you are a mastermind entrepreneur who has the communicating skill, communicate with them in a polite manner am sure you will be welcome.

Achievement: Before taking him or her as your business mentor, you need to take a research about the person before finalizing on what to do. Check if the person had achieved good things in his life, check if he’s truly meant to be choosing as a business mentor. Don’t just choose anybody without knowing the source of the person. In this case you need to take a research because there are people who do fake it I mean people that claim to be successful and they are not, people that don’t worth it, so take a good research about their achievement in the business world, before you go on with the person.

That’s Not All!

You don’t expect to get answers or strategies that will help you achieve success in your business the moment you get the right business mentor, no it’s not possible! It’s a step by step process; you need to build a mutual relationship with the person before anything starts to come in. Fixing a date with the person is not a bad idea also having the person personal contact is also good. don’t act in a rude manner, always try and make the person happy whenever you are with him or her, try and brainstorm when you both are together I mean you should try and bring up an idea so that you both can take a look at it together is just like a way of tasking the person’s brain, by doing that, it will show that you are serious about your work and you are ready to learn also that will gear the person up to put you through as quick as possible. As times goes on, the business bond will grow between both of you, and you will have upper hand in business than the amateur entrepreneurs that don’t have a business mentor.

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