How To Promote Your Business With Little or No Money

Most people get confused on how they can promote their business with no money, due to one reason or the other and by so doing they feel like giving up.

Promoting your business with little or no money is not a hard thing to do, all that it need is SENSE! Yea how you can think and how you can strategize is what that matters. There are numerous ways to promote your product with little or no money, but the major ones will be talked about in this post.

Below are tips on how you can promote your business with little or no money.

Promotion based on commission: If you don’t have the money to promote your product, you can use this method and what I mean by promotion based on commission is that you will have to get people who will help you take your products out there and get buyers and if they make any sales, you will give them their commission based on their sales. You will have to search for them before you can get them, though these kind of people are scarce it depends on the area you are and when you get them try to be nice to them. It will help make them strive more in other to bring sales.

Business Cards: You can also promote your business through business cards, share out your business cards to people, let them know that you exist in the business world, Promoting your business through business cards do work perfectly. You don’t just print a business card for the sake of it, give your business card a pro look, and let your business card speak for you.

Free Hosting Platform: Now that the Internet has made almost everything easy, you can easily promote your business on the internet by using a free hosting platforms like WordPress or Blogger, and it requires little or no programming before you can set it up. All you need is give the site a domain name, give it a nice design and create pages and in each page tell them what your business is all about, your aim, etc. and start promoting it.

Network: You can also promote your business through networking, go out there meet people tell them what your business is about, meet people who are in similar business with you, chat with them so in case they get customers that need your service they can easily direct the person to you. Networking is the key. Attend seminars, conference show your area of expertise, talk to them about your business, also try to offer to be a guest speaker at certain events, so when you feed people with informative words, they will want to know you also the type of business you are doing. So try to network and don’t remain stagnant.

Social Media: You can use social media to promote your business for example you can use Facebook to promote your product, create a fan page and the page should be about your business, after customizing the page start telling friends about it also invite people to join your group from there you will share with them, facts about your business etc.

Free Giveaway: People love free things; free things make them come in a zillion. You can also promote your business by giving people a free taste of your business I mean a free trial, when they found out that its good they will patronize you also they will tell their friends about your business and from there your business will start growing.


Tell us about what you feel and also if you have any other ways a business can be promoted with little or no money, please feel free to comment below by using the comment section also if you love this post feel free to share it with your friends. Thanks.

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