Business – Are You Pinning Your Loop Holes?

Don’t get confuse with the headline, read on and you get what am talking about. Everybody wants to succeed in business, but not everybody will succeed. Yea that’s the fact.

Like I used to say, the business world is always competitive, no one come on board to play games, they all came to achieve a goal. In the business world only the masterminds survive. So if you really want to succeed in your business, you must learn how to pin-up your business loop holes.

The question you should ask yourself is, is your business destabilizing or not? And if your business is destabilizing, what are you doing to pin your business loop holes?? What am trying to say is that, what are you doing to prevent your business from great fall?

It’s always good for an entrepreneur to know his or her standing in the business world. Failure to take note of things that are going on around you will cost you a lot. If you really want to succeed in business you must embrace the idea of pinning your business loop holes. Failure to do so will make your business vulnerable; I mean your business is on its way to failure. In this post I will be talking on how to pin your business loop holes so as to prevent great fall and make you succeed in your business.

Steps To Take In Other To Pin Your Business Loop Holes:

Check Your business:

Firstly, sit down and think. Yea it’s always good for someone to sit down and think about how his or her business will grow. Sit down and take a look at your business, take a look on how your business is moving, is it progressing or digressing, If your business is digressing, try to figure out what the major problem is, the problem might be from the products or any other thing else. And if you’ve figure out the problem, then work on it with immediate effect. But if you’re still finding it difficult to make a change.

Why Not Re-Brand!

Yea re-branding is the key, if your business needs some adjustment try to fix it fast, I mean re-brand it and let it call for new attention. Give it a new look, a new look will call for new attention like I said earlier; there’s nothing bad in re-branding your business. Re-branding your business will help pin your business loop holes. And if you have re-branded your business but still yet some loops are still open.

Why Not Check Your Marketing Strategy!

Check your marketing strategy, maybe the strategy you are using is an old strategy, why not plan a new one, I mean plan a new strategy, a go getter marketing strategy that will help you accommodate customers and bring more sales. Poor marketing strategy do bring about failure in business. If you take a look at successful businesses you know about, if you have been following them up, you will notice that they do strategize when it comes to marketing also in every other things they do, they don’t just put their eggs in one basket. So if your business is lacking an effective marketing strategy, I urge you to explore new skills, change your marketing strategy, the logic behind marketing is just as simple as ABC, but the way you tend to play it, will determine if you will succeed or not. Check out my previous post on THE SIMPLE LOGIC BEHIND MARKETING OF A PRODUCT! Even if you have the best grade in marketing, that doesn’t mean you are the best marketer, No! That doesn’t guarantee! What matters most is creativity. So to cut this story short, try to strategize, plan a go getter marketing strategy for your business so as to help bring more customers. And if your marketing strategy is OK yet your loops are still open.

Why Not Check Your Interaction!

Check if you had built a reputable relationship with your customers. Ask yourself, if you’re accommodating customers or you are making them run away from you. If you don’t have a good relationship with your customers, it will not help your business at all. If you don’t know how to build a good relationship with your customers, check my previous post on HOW TO BUILD A REPUTABLE RELATIONSHIP WITH CUSTOMERS! Customers are the key behind every successful business because without them your business is nothing, and no one will patronize you. So check if you are really lacking this and if you are, then work on it straight away.

Other Things That Will Help!

Get a Mentor:

Though I’m your mentor 😀 and if you have any problem feel free to contact me, but if you still want to get an offline mentor you can do that. Getting the right business mentor will help you achieve big in your business because they will put you through on how you should go in business, tell you the cons and pros of business, so as to prevent great fall. They will always be there for you so in case you don’t have one try to get a business mentor.

Seek For An Advice:

Don’t be shy, always seek for an advice, don’t feel as if you are a champion, learn how to seek for an advice it may be from the young or from the old. And if you are thinking that no one would love to help you, you are getting it wrong. The only thing that can make them not to help you is if you have a bad behavior which I know you don’t have. Nobody is above mistake. Also it’s always good to ask your customers for their suggestion or comment about your service and how you can serve them better. By doing that, it shows that you care and by so doing, you are gradually pinning your business loops. And the last but not the least is.


Networking is also one of the key that will help you pin your holes, network with other people in business, try to learn from them, ask them questions, don’t just sit down and be expecting manners from above, I bet you it won’t come. And if the case is that you don’t know how to network, I urge you to try all your possible best to develop the skill and be a good networker. To be a good networker does not require a degree it’s just a matter of using your common sense. So take the Idea of networking seriously it will help you on a long-term run.

What Next?

Take action, don’t act as if you don’t need to pin-up your business loops, I know you don’t want your business to fall, so I urge you to take a look at your business and if there’s any loop that is trying to hinder your success in business, try to pin-up the loops!


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5 Tips To Find An Ideal Business Location

Before starting a business, there is a need for a business location and not just a business location, an ideal business location because a business location has a vital role to play in business. Failure to base a business on the right location can make a business fail.

When you don’t need a business location is if you are managing your business at home, But for a business that’s not settling at home, there’s a need for getting a business location. A business location is needed mostly for the retailers and other enterprises.

Before choosing a business location, these are the things you need to check out for:

1) Identification: Before contemplating on a business location, you need to check if it will be easy for customers to locate you easily. Don’t choose a place where it will be hard for them to locate you, so that whenever they need to get something from you, it won’t be like, for them to come over to your place it’s stressful, Because most customers don’t like to stress themselves especially if the kind of services you are offering is the type they can get it in an area close to them they will rather patronize a nearby seller than to go to a far place.

2) Exposure: You need to check out for this also, check if the area, I mean the city or town you want to base your business on is a well-developed area , because a well-developed area do add to the growth of a business so as to get your business exposed easily , settling in an undeveloped area will affect the growth of your business , which can make you get pissed off and it might lead to closure of business , imagine you settling your business in an under-developed area where there are few buildings and people are not much, do you think the business will move on a nice speed, well for me I don’t think so , so be careful when choosing a business location.

3) Audience Arena: This also matters, base your business in an area where your audience are, I mean a place where customers will be willing to patronize your service and not a place where they would not love to do so. For example: You are a banker, then you are looking for a location to settle your bank on, you can base your bank around a market arena, where market men and women will love to patronize you, because their belief is that you’re helping them build a better future by helping them save their money also it will be easy for them to make any transactions.

4) Geographical Factor: This might sounds somehow to you but it really matters. Before choosing a business domain, make sure you don’t choose a flooded area, an area where there are bad roads, an area where it can be easily be affected by the weather, as you all know that the weather is not predictable. I have seen firms migrating from one place to another due to geographical factor, when customers do complain about bad roads, flooded area and that they do get pissed off with it, so try as much as possible to base your business in a sophisticated area.

5) Security : Make sure the location where you want to base your business on is a secured area; don’t go for a location where there is no security. Because if there’s no security in that location, your business is not safe, even your customers are not save. How will you feel if a car of your customer have been stolen in your business location? Am sure you will feel bad and that type of incident can tarnish one’s business image. So make sure the area has a high level of security.

Speak Your Mind!

What other tips can you add? Or do you disagree with the above listed points? Feel free to comment below by using the comment section. Thanks a lot.

Top 10 Reasons Why Business Fail!

For a business to come on board and achieve its success is a good thing, but for it to come on board and achieve nothing is a bad thing.

Not all businesses will achieve success. The Funny thing about most businesses is that they go back the way they came, I mean they achieve nothing before they fall out.

You might be wondering why businesses fail to grow or why they fail easily. They fail due to so many reasons but the top reasons why business fail will be highlighted below:

Bad Business Plan: if a business doesn’t have a well-structured business plan, there’s no how the business can stand among its competitors. A well-structured business plan is the key to every successful business, without it, the business is a no business.

Poor Management: For a business to meet up to standard, it needs sound management tactics, and not just anyhow management. Though most business does have the management, the question is how effective is their management, how good is their management techie? A good management skill is needed for a business to succeed. So if you don’t want your business to fail, you must structure a go-getter management skill for your business.

Lack Of Capital: If a business doesn’t have sufficient capital do you think the business will grow? No, I doubt it. Capital is the soul of business, for a business to grow effectively, it needs a good capital. A sufficient capital matters a lot in business, without a sufficient capital business is nothing.

Not Offering Quality Services: Offering of quality service is what that matters most in business; if a business doesn’t have it then the business is calling for its failure. When they don’t see customers patronizing them again, the next thing they do is to pack up. The offering of quality services matters a lot in business.

Lack of Truth and Honesty: If a business wants to succeed there’s a need for it to stand for the truth. I wonder why businesses come on board when they know that they can’t stand for the truth and honesty, customers need sincerity, failure to give them the love will call for no patronage. If a business can’t stand for the truth, that’s the end of the business.

Lack Of Effective Business Promotion: if a business doesn’t have quality and effective promotion, they won’t get notified. Failure to get customers will make business owners get fed up easily and by getting fed up will call for a failure of business. A getter business promotion will make a business grow in a rapid way, but failure to have a go-getter promotion will make the business fail.

Bad Business Location: if a business is not located in a good area, the business will get affected. A good location does add to the growth of business. Imagine a location where it is usually flooded, bad roads and overcrowded, tell me, how do you want the business to succeed? The business will not be able to withstand those factors affecting it. In other, for a business to succeed it must be located in a good area.

Bad Usage Of Profits: If the business owner can’t use the business profits wisely then it will call for business Failure, I mean if the business profits can’t be used to re-invest in the business then the business will not grow. Business profits are meant to be used to re-invest in the business so as to offer customers the best services they ever wanted also grow the business.

Life Factor: Life factor does add to the failure of business, maybe due to the way things are going with the business founders’ family or the business founders can’t just cope anymore. Also, disagreement of the business founders does lead to business failure.

Bad Workers: businesses with workers bad do fail; failure to accommodate the good workers will lead to a destruction of business. For a business to stand fit, it needs good workers. Workers determine the future of business, so that’s why it’s always good to hire good workers.

So in other to save your business from failure, try to avoid the problems that are affecting the growth of business.

Speak Your Mind!

What other things do you think can make a business fail? Feel free to comment below and please don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks.

5 Mind-Blowing Tips To Seek For A Good Business Partner

To those of you that wants to go into partnership business and you need a good partner whom you can partnership with and not a bad one, read on and you get your solution.

Seeking for a good business partner is essential in partnership business; you don’t just choose anybody you or like, to be your business partner.

When it comes to business, an entrepreneur must be mean, why? Because choosing anybody you like can kill your business, I mean someone who doesn’t possess the qualities of being a business partner. A good partnership business will break new grounds even if there seems to begrudge on the way. So if you are looking for a partner to get involve in your business, below are the things you need to watch out for before choosing a business partner:

Passionate Partner: Seek for a partner that is passionate about the type of business you want to introduce to him or her, not a person that doesn’t have passion for the business you will be introducing him or her to, because if you do that, you are putting your business on hot fire and you know what that means? So be careful before finalizing on whom you want to partner with.

An Understandable Partner: Seek for a partner who is really understandable, a partner that is ready to listen and not a greedy partner that all he or she wants is money even if the business is falling or rising that doesn’t concerns him or her, so I urge you to seek for an understandable partner, an easy-going partner that is willing to help so as not to let the business liquidate.

Versatile Partner: Seek for a partner who is versatile, I mean a partner who is ready to work also somebody who is ready to take the business to any length and not just a lazy noob who don’t know how to play smart. Now that the business world is competitive,” only the strong survive” no business come on board to play games, they all come to achieve a goal, so that’s why you need to seek for a versatile business partner that will help grow the business. Am sure your intention in the business world is not to come and play games! And if that’s your intention, then you don’t need a versatile partner also a good business partner but if you are in for real business you need to put this into consideration.

Creative partner: Yea this aspect is essential, seek for a partner who will add to the growth of the business, a masterminded partner that will know what to do when the business is shaking so as not to allow the business fall. A partner who can brainstorm and not an amateur partner that is not ready to make a change talk less of him or her being creative. So I urge you to get a partner that has the creativity hormone.

Skillful Partner: Seek for a partner that has the mandatory skills every entrepreneur must have, in case you don’t know the skills click here to read about it, because it is very vital also mandatory for every entrepreneur to possess the entrepreneurial skills. Considering a partner with the skills will help boost your business in no time. Every successful entrepreneur possesses the skill, only an amateur entrepreneur that don’t possess the skill.

Think About It and Have Your Say!

Yea think deeply about this if you don’t want your entire struggle to be in vain! So as not to lose money for pennies. What other things must an entrepreneur seek for before choosing a business partner?? Feel free to comment below thanks.

How To Start A Managerial And Catering Business

If you know you have passion for managerial business like managing events, party also catering business like baking and cooking, and you don’t know how to start also if you are the type of person that needs to know more about this business start-up, read on and you will get the idea.

A managerial and catering business is a nice and cool business, there’s fun in it and at the same time it needs a lot of attention. This type of business needs a personal training, I mean before you decide on establishing a business that’s about managerial and catering service, you must undergo training, because you can’t just take any action to establish a managerial and catering business without having the skill, you must undergo some training. It’s only a genius and a talented person that does not need to undergo such training (kidding :D).

How Do I Get Started?

I believe you have the practical idea? Now let’s move. You will need to get a business location, I mean a shop where you can offer your service to customers, and after getting the shop, you can now look for a supplier that will be supplying you with goods.

Be careful when you are looking for a supplier, research very well. In this kind of business, you need a supplier that will be ready to listen to you whenever you need a help, a supplier whom you can bargain a deal with in terms of buying goods from him or her, and paying for the goods after some weeks. Don’t be afraid to network with different suppliers, in case he or she failed you can get another one i mean another supplier.

If you don’t want to engage in this business alone, you can hire some skilled caterers and event managers that will be doing the job and all what you will be doing is to direct them, supervise them and act like the boss though you are the boss 😀 . If you are to hire caterers or event managers, make sure they undergo tough screening, make sure they are able to prove themselves before considering them. After getting all this done, you will need to register your business depending on the type of business entity you want it to be e.g. sole proprietorship, LLC etc.

Getting Customers

After carrying out the necessary activities , you need to start promoting your business, inform people about your business, go to places tell them about your business, whenever they want to organize a party, events or shows also whenever they need fast food they can call for you and you will give them the best service they ever wanted. Don’t be afraid to network, network with people, be humble remember “customer bring customers” and you should keep trying your best by offering them the best and quality service also always make them happy am sure with this, your business will be a successful one.

Below are The Cons and Pros Of This Business:

The Pros

1. Even if you don’t want to partake in any work, you can just hire skilled caterers and event managers that will be working under you, and you will be the boss, all what you just need to do is to get contract I mean you need to promote your business so that you can get customers.

2. If you take this business serious, I bet you, in no time you will be famous I mean your business will bring more fame to you and money :D.

3. It’s a fun catching job.


1. This business needs a lot of attention or else it will fail.

2. A standard business location is mandatory so that people will know that you are serious about your job.

3. It’s stressful but not that stressful.

4. You need an understandable capital.

5. Failure to have the skill will affect your business! So make sure you undergo the business training before establishing the business, and if you don’t want to partake in the business alone you can hire workers with the skill.

So if you really love this business and you really want to go for it, you must be self prepared, also you must be ready to give it all what it takes. What Next? Take Action!


Do you really love this idea and if you do in what other way would u love to start from or would you love to follow this step? Feel free to comment below Thanks.

7 Deadly Mistakes You Should Avoid Before Establishing A Business

Happy new month to all my readers, my fellow bloggers also to my spammers! wishing you all a fruitful and prosperous month. May all your wishes be granted(Amen). More traffic, sales, customers and earnings to you all! thanks.

Now let’s get back to business

Most business falls out of the business world due to lack of one thing or the other. It hurts to see a business falling out so quick without achieving its aim. Am sure every one of you would love to build a business that will profit you and not a business that will serve as loss to you.

In the business world, silly mistakes do occur and which can lead to destruction of a business if care is not taken. In this post I will be talking about the deadly mistakes you need to avoid before establishing a business and if you have started a business you can still read on, all you need to do is just check where your errors lies.

Deadly Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Unstructured Business Plan: It’s always good to have a business plan before establishing a business, rather than starting a business you don’t have a structured business plan for. It’s just as if you are jumping into a deep pit. So before starting any business try and have a structured business plan, a structured business plan serves as a foundation to your business success.

Impatience: As you all know that “Rome Was Not Built In A Day” likewise other big businesses that you know about. They all started from the scratch, you have to put on the spirit of patience, and you don’t just rush into any business, you just have to cool down and think before taking action. Take time and strategize on how you will beat your competitors hands down so that when you get on board they won’t have the guts to challenge you.

Not Passionate: Am sure most of you might have heard or come across the word “PASSION” , You must be passionate in anything you want to engage yourself in. don’t take this for granted, try and figure out what you are passionate about, don’t just jump. Because failure to have passion for what you are doing will lead to destruction. Try and have passion for the type of business you want to establish, passion will help you break new grounds.

Not Having The Right Mentor: Seek for the right business mentor, failure to seek for the right business mentor can lead to destruction of your business, because when you are facing some problems and you don’t know who to seek help from am sure you will feel like giving up that’s why you need a business mentor so as not to give up easily. A business mentor will serve as a counselor to you. Check out my post on How To Seek For The Right Business Mentor. Be careful when you want to choose a business mentor or a coach because failure to have the right support can lead to liquidation of business.

Imitation: Avoid imitations, I mean you should never imitate. Imitating your colleague will kill your business, because you saw a friend of yours doing pretty well in a business and you think that’s the kind of business you should engage yourself in, I bet you are loosing it. Let me ask you a question , if you want to venture into the same business your colleague is doing, do you know the strategy he or she is using that makes him or her become successful? Am sure you don’t know and if at all you know, do you think the same strategy that works for him or her will work for you? No I don’t think so. Why not plan your own and venture in a business that will suit you.

Promoting Error: before establishing a business, plan a go getta promotion strategy that will make your business grow rapidly, because promotion is vital to every business, also if you don’t have a good and effective promoting techniques your business will fall. Try and look into this aspect before establishing a business.

Not Self Motivated: You must be self motivated because there are times where business trend will be slow and you might feel like giving up, which is not meant to be. No one knows tomorrow; believe in yourself so that you can go places. Lack of self motivation will make you put on the quit nature and it will lead to liquidation of business so i urge you to have the motivational skill before establishing a business.

Speak Your Mind!

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4 Things To Avoid When Marketing A Product

In every business, the idea of marketing a product or better still, the idea of promoting one’s service is essential to business. A business without good marketing is a no business; it’s just like stagnant water.

For you to be able to convince the masses to buy your product or patronize you, you must know how to strategize, also know how to play the game so that you can be a survivor.

There are numerous errors that do occur when marketing a product which every entrepreneur must take note, but the major errors will be listed below.

Things to avoid when marketing a product:

Exaggeration: when marketing a product, don’t let the spirit of exaggeration get over you. Go straight to the point and don’t beat around the bush. Tell them why your product is the best , how it will value more to them and how they can benefit from it.don’t utter things your product cant do or things that the product doesn’t exhibit because if you do I bet, the next time they see’s you they will be mad at you and they wont love to patronize you. For example you are selling drugs that do treat malaria and you are telling your customers that the drug can cure Hiv/Aids if they tested it and they found out that it’s not working, when next they see you they’d rather rubbish you and your product and you will never see them again near you.

Promoting Error: If you are marketing a product, promote it to your main targeted people first I mean you should promote your product to people that will value your product for example if you are selling packet of bubble gum you don’t expect a pastor to buy it from you because he/ she is not your main targeted customers you need to sell it to boys and girls that cherish it alot. Also if you are to promote writing materials, your main customers should be the school students first follow by other people, so the school students should be the one you will market it to first.

Shyness: Be sure of what you are marketing. Let the people you are promoting your product to, see the boldness in you, let them know that you are 100% sure of your product. Don’t put on the spirit of shyness because if they see any sign of in assurance in you I bet, they will laugh at you and walk away so be smart and be bold.

Nonchalant Attitude: If you are the type of entrepreneur that doesn’t exhibit good behavior, I guess you need to work on it. Some customers can frustrate you to the extent you will feel like hitting them. But no! you don’t have to do that, I know you can get angry but you need to put on a smile even if they are frustrating you, at times some customers might want to test you by frustrating you and when they see that you are not mad at them, they will be amazed and they will love to buy a product from you and if they don’t have the money at that moment they can ask for your contact in other to contact you when they have the money. So what am trying to say is that you should be calm when marketing a product also to your customers no matter what happens and don’t get mad at them.


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4 Great Ways To Convince Customers That You’re The Best

The business world is always competitive and everyday it keeps getting tougher, everybody is planning on how to build a solid business empire , nobody wants to mess up so as not to be in a big loss. But one thing I want you to know is that, the people that determine your future in business are the CUSTOMERS!

Customers are meant to be treated in a nice and cool manner because without them, rendering of service will not be valued. They are the one behind any successful business. In this post I will be talking on how you can convince customers that you are the best. To show them that you have upper hand in business and you are the right person they should patronize.

Ways to convince customers can be done as highlighted below

Offering Of First Class Services: You need to offer them a first class service , when I mean first class services, I mean “QUALITY” service, so that they will keep coming for more and also they can boast about you anywhere, and by doing this your legacy will never fade. Quantity never last, it doesn’t profit any customer, though there are some customers that do go for quantity due to money issues but I know they don’t wish to go for quantity service they’d love to bid for quality service. But try and offer quality service in general.

Rendering Of Services At Affordable And Discount Price: As you all know that discount is every customers love, they cherish been offer product to at discount price. Offering them at affordable and discount price, will help boost the mutual treat between you and your customers. Let them have the believe that is only you that can beat others competitor down, also let them know that you have the upper hand in the business.

Care for Customers: Treat your customers in a nice manner, treat them as if you guys are one family , show them the love and let them know how special they are to you, the moment they are happy with you the more victorious you are in the business.

Satisfaction Policy: This is what most business lack, this will cost you losing customers also reputation big time, in other for you not to lose your customers, and you have to meet up with the satisfaction of your customers. Incase they complain about any major goods, kindly collect it back from them and offer them another one , no matter what the problems is always try and satisfy them so as to gain more reputation.

Be Real: When I say be real, I mean you should be honest with whatever you are offering them, don’t be anonymous, always stand behind your product with honesty.


What other ways do you think you can convince your customers? Feel free to share your opinion by using the comment section below. Thanks.

How To Finance A Business Startup

As you all know that, a good business needs a natural capital for it to build a strong business foundation. You might want to start a business, but due to the financing of the firm you get pissed off, I mean ways by which you will get the money for funding for the business always pull you down t the extent that you will feel like giving up and look into another thing else.

I understand how you feel, when you don’t have funds for the business you have passion for, read on and choose the way you will love to finance your business:

Loan: if you want to start a business, and you need a support in terms of financing, you can go to the bank for loan, but mind you before you go to the bank and ask for a loan, make sure you have a structured business plan and know how to explain yourself when you get there because before they can offer you a loan you must present your business plan. More to the explanation part, some loan officers are very cunny, they want to know if truly you know about the business you want to look into. So my advice for you is that you should get yourself prepared before going to ask for a loan. Act in a manner whereby they will love to give you the loan because most banks don’t give out a loan just like that, it might take time before you get the loan but you just try your best by giving it all what it wants and remember that you will pay back with interest. Also, know the appropriate date you will put down for the refunding of the loan, make sure you think logically, I mean don’t just choose a date, fix a date that you know by then the refunding will be ready.

Equity: Financing a business through equity is just like partnership. You and the other person contributing to the business will be the owner of the business, share the gain together, and bear the loss together. But if you are to go for this option, plan it with a good person that knows how business life is, because business partner is not to rely on, they might flop any day anytime.

Savings: I love this idea, this type of funding is just by saving some money in other to use it fund your business, if you are to use this option you must be self discipline, don’t be the type of person that will be saving the money and when it get to one extent you will spend the money, make sure you set limit for your savings in other for you to be serious with the funding of business. One thing about funding your business through savings is that It risk-free, because you are not loaning from any bank or involving it with somebody, it’s only you and your business.

Friends and Family: You can also fund your business by asking your best friend or family to lend you money in other to use it and setup a business, but the risk there is that you must know the actual date you will fix for the repayment so as not to ruin your relationship with them. Is always good to let them know what the business is about and when you are sure of giving them back their money, be careful this just another means of funding your business.


What option would you like to go for and why do u choose it? Also, if you have any other option let’s hear your opinion by using the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS or subscribe by using the Email subscription box by the top right-hand side on the sidebar for a quick and daily update! Thanks.

The Simple Logic Behind Marketing Of Product

What is marketing? Marketing is the process by which companies create customer interest in products or services. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business development (As defined by WIKIPEDIA).

A good entrepreneur must know how to go about it when it comes to the marketing of a product, Even if you go to marketing school that doesn’t mean you are a good marketer, for you to prove that you are a good marketer, you must be creative. If you have a good grade in marketing that doesn’t mean you are the best marketer. Its creativity that matters.Read on and you get to know the simple logic behind marketing.

Who are your main targeted people that you do market your product to? Is it the general target or the special target? General target is people that might not have an interest in your product while special target is people that have an interest in what you want to offer, people that have an interest in your product.

Now the first set of people you are meant to market your product to is the special target. Marketing of products is meant to be marketed to the special target because they are the ones that will give your product a value before any other person can do that.

Valuing of product from the special target will help bring more sales also bring in more customers before you wink. For example, if you are dealing with cigarettes, you don’t expect a nonsmoker to buy sticks of cigarette from you. Your main target should be the smokers because they are the ones that value it most before any other person, smokers and cigarette are from the same kingdom. The more effort you put in, the more the attention you get.

Also, let say you deal with school bags, your main target should be the students, they are the special target that will value your product first also they are the ones who need it most. You just have to market your products in a nice and approachable manner; I bet, you will get 99% attention from them. Even if they don’t have the money to buy the product from you at that moment, you just drop your business card so that they will be able to contact you whenever they need it.

After marketing your product to your special targeted customers, you can now think of the general target, approach them, tell them what your product is about, how they can benefit from it, I mean what the product will give them in return, when they see that you are sure of what you are saying they would love to give your product a try, so from there you are converting them into special target I mean your main targeted customer.

I hope it helps? If you have any suggestion or comment to make, please feel free to use the comment section below. Thanks.