4 Things To Avoid When Marketing A Product

In every business, the idea of marketing a product or better still, the idea of promoting one’s service is essential to business. A business without good marketing is a no business; it’s just like stagnant water.

For you to be able to convince the masses to buy your product or patronize you, you must know how to strategize, also know how to play the game so that you can be a survivor.

There are numerous errors that do occur when marketing a product which every entrepreneur must take note, but the major errors will be listed below.

Things to avoid when marketing a product:

Exaggeration: when marketing a product, don’t let the spirit of exaggeration get over you. Go straight to the point and don’t beat around the bush. Tell them why your product is the best , how it will value more to them and how they can benefit from it.don’t utter things your product cant do or things that the product doesn’t exhibit because if you do I bet, the next time they see’s you they will be mad at you and they wont love to patronize you. For example you are selling drugs that do treat malaria and you are telling your customers that the drug can cure Hiv/Aids if they tested it and they found out that it’s not working, when next they see you they’d rather rubbish you and your product and you will never see them again near you.

Promoting Error: If you are marketing a product, promote it to your main targeted people first I mean you should promote your product to people that will value your product for example if you are selling packet of bubble gum you don’t expect a pastor to buy it from you because he/ she is not your main targeted customers you need to sell it to boys and girls that cherish it alot. Also if you are to promote writing materials, your main customers should be the school students first follow by other people, so the school students should be the one you will market it to first.

Shyness: Be sure of what you are marketing. Let the people you are promoting your product to, see the boldness in you, let them know that you are 100% sure of your product. Don’t put on the spirit of shyness because if they see any sign of in assurance in you I bet, they will laugh at you and walk away so be smart and be bold.

Nonchalant Attitude: If you are the type of entrepreneur that doesn’t exhibit good behavior, I guess you need to work on it. Some customers can frustrate you to the extent you will feel like hitting them. But no! you don’t have to do that, I know you can get angry but you need to put on a smile even if they are frustrating you, at times some customers might want to test you by frustrating you and when they see that you are not mad at them, they will be amazed and they will love to buy a product from you and if they don’t have the money at that moment they can ask for your contact in other to contact you when they have the money. So what am trying to say is that you should be calm when marketing a product also to your customers no matter what happens and don’t get mad at them.


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