How To Seek For The Right Business Mentor

Who is a mentor? A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor (As defined by Dictionary). Have you ever thought of having a business mentor? Someone who will guide you through in your entrepreneurship journey, a person you can run to, I mean someone who you can seek advice from when you are facing any problem in the business world?

Incase you don’t have a business mentor, I think it will be better for you to have one, because having a business mentor increases the chance of success in your business.

Mastermind entrepreneurs do have a business mentor while the amateur entrepreneur’s does not have. Amateur entrepreneurs love to go on solo I mean they believe they can do it all alone and they don’t need any business mentor, but a mastermind entrepreneur knows that he or she needs a good business mentor.

Below are the tips to seek for the right business mentor:

Area Of Specialization: Choose a business mentor in the same area of specialization, I mean a business mentor that is in the same field with you. It is not advisable for you to choose a business mentor from different field, for instance, you are a software trader and you are choosing a footwear expert to be your mentor. If you are doing that, you are on the wrong path.

Network: You don’t have to sit down there, thinking that the right business mentor will come and meet you. You need to go out there and look for one, by attending seminars, conference meeting pertaining to your area of specialization, through that you can get your business mentor, network with successful people that will add value to your life. Don’t be shy I guess you are a mastermind entrepreneur who has the communicating skill, communicate with them in a polite manner am sure you will be welcome.

Achievement: Before taking him or her as your business mentor, you need to take a research about the person before finalizing on what to do. Check if the person had achieved good things in his life, check if he’s truly meant to be choosing as a business mentor. Don’t just choose anybody without knowing the source of the person. In this case you need to take a research because there are people who do fake it I mean people that claim to be successful and they are not, people that don’t worth it, so take a good research about their achievement in the business world, before you go on with the person.

That’s Not All!

You don’t expect to get answers or strategies that will help you achieve success in your business the moment you get the right business mentor, no it’s not possible! It’s a step by step process; you need to build a mutual relationship with the person before anything starts to come in. Fixing a date with the person is not a bad idea also having the person personal contact is also good. don’t act in a rude manner, always try and make the person happy whenever you are with him or her, try and brainstorm when you both are together I mean you should try and bring up an idea so that you both can take a look at it together is just like a way of tasking the person’s brain, by doing that, it will show that you are serious about your work and you are ready to learn also that will gear the person up to put you through as quick as possible. As times goes on, the business bond will grow between both of you, and you will have upper hand in business than the amateur entrepreneurs that don’t have a business mentor.

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4 Great Ways To Convince Customers That You’re The Best

The business world is always competitive and everyday it keeps getting tougher, everybody is planning on how to build a solid business empire , nobody wants to mess up so as not to be in a big loss. But one thing I want you to know is that, the people that determine your future in business are the CUSTOMERS!

Customers are meant to be treated in a nice and cool manner because without them, rendering of service will not be valued. They are the one behind any successful business. In this post I will be talking on how you can convince customers that you are the best. To show them that you have upper hand in business and you are the right person they should patronize.

Ways to convince customers can be done as highlighted below

Offering Of First Class Services: You need to offer them a first class service , when I mean first class services, I mean “QUALITY” service, so that they will keep coming for more and also they can boast about you anywhere, and by doing this your legacy will never fade. Quantity never last, it doesn’t profit any customer, though there are some customers that do go for quantity due to money issues but I know they don’t wish to go for quantity service they’d love to bid for quality service. But try and offer quality service in general.

Rendering Of Services At Affordable And Discount Price: As you all know that discount is every customers love, they cherish been offer product to at discount price. Offering them at affordable and discount price, will help boost the mutual treat between you and your customers. Let them have the believe that is only you that can beat others competitor down, also let them know that you have the upper hand in the business.

Care for Customers: Treat your customers in a nice manner, treat them as if you guys are one family , show them the love and let them know how special they are to you, the moment they are happy with you the more victorious you are in the business.

Satisfaction Policy: This is what most business lack, this will cost you losing customers also reputation big time, in other for you not to lose your customers, and you have to meet up with the satisfaction of your customers. Incase they complain about any major goods, kindly collect it back from them and offer them another one , no matter what the problems is always try and satisfy them so as to gain more reputation.

Be Real: When I say be real, I mean you should be honest with whatever you are offering them, don’t be anonymous, always stand behind your product with honesty.


What other ways do you think you can convince your customers? Feel free to share your opinion by using the comment section below. Thanks.

Unleash The Entrepreneurial Spirit In You!

Are you screwed up? Or you don’t know how to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in you? Read on and you get tips on how to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in you, but before I proceed, if you haven’t subscribed to our RSS or subscribe by using the Email subscription box by the top right-hand side on the sidebar for FREE, FAST and INFORMATIVE update. I urge you to do so now before you read on.

Most people find it difficult to start a business. Also they get screwed up of what type of business they should start. You know you have the idea of a business, and you are scared of starting, you are loosing it.

Figuring out your passion is the no.1 success, while taking action is another success. The moment you locate your passion start working on it straight away, and if you are afraid of failure, that shows that you are a failure.

Napoleon Hill said that “Failure is a temporary defeat” and that before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to QUIT. That is exactly what the majority of men do.

You don’t have to act like the way other men did, so I see no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. When you fail, give it another try you just keep trying I bet you once you hit the vault all your story will be a glory.

Who knows maybe you are the one that will change the game, always see yourself as a success. One thing I want you to remember is that you are in the game for no one; you are in because you want to achieve your dream. Don’t let anyone push you to the wall.

All the successful business you see today started from somewhere, they have been through hard times, they tackle their challenges, and now they are successful. Go out there meet the right people that will help hasten your entrepreneurial spirit I mean meet people that have been in the game and they are successful so as to put you on the right path.

The game is meant for everybody, the way you play it makes you the king. Be creative and don’t lock up your creativity. Never procrastinate; I know it might be hard to start because the hardest part is how to start.

Tackle your fears, work on your weakness and you will get there. If you know how to handle your fears today, I bet you will be successful. Everybody has his or her weakness, so it’s not a new thing, but the way you tackle it makes you the survivor. So I urge you to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit by putting it into action and let the world know what you are made of.

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How To Finance A Business Startup

As you all know that, a good business needs a natural capital for it to build a strong business foundation. You might want to start a business, but due to the financing of the firm you get pissed off, I mean ways by which you will get the money for funding for the business always pull you down t the extent that you will feel like giving up and look into another thing else.

I understand how you feel, when you don’t have funds for the business you have passion for, read on and choose the way you will love to finance your business:

Loan: if you want to start a business, and you need a support in terms of financing, you can go to the bank for loan, but mind you before you go to the bank and ask for a loan, make sure you have a structured business plan and know how to explain yourself when you get there because before they can offer you a loan you must present your business plan. More to the explanation part, some loan officers are very cunny, they want to know if truly you know about the business you want to look into. So my advice for you is that you should get yourself prepared before going to ask for a loan. Act in a manner whereby they will love to give you the loan because most banks don’t give out a loan just like that, it might take time before you get the loan but you just try your best by giving it all what it wants and remember that you will pay back with interest. Also, know the appropriate date you will put down for the refunding of the loan, make sure you think logically, I mean don’t just choose a date, fix a date that you know by then the refunding will be ready.

Equity: Financing a business through equity is just like partnership. You and the other person contributing to the business will be the owner of the business, share the gain together, and bear the loss together. But if you are to go for this option, plan it with a good person that knows how business life is, because business partner is not to rely on, they might flop any day anytime.

Savings: I love this idea, this type of funding is just by saving some money in other to use it fund your business, if you are to use this option you must be self discipline, don’t be the type of person that will be saving the money and when it get to one extent you will spend the money, make sure you set limit for your savings in other for you to be serious with the funding of business. One thing about funding your business through savings is that It risk-free, because you are not loaning from any bank or involving it with somebody, it’s only you and your business.

Friends and Family: You can also fund your business by asking your best friend or family to lend you money in other to use it and setup a business, but the risk there is that you must know the actual date you will fix for the repayment so as not to ruin your relationship with them. Is always good to let them know what the business is about and when you are sure of giving them back their money, be careful this just another means of funding your business.


What option would you like to go for and why do u choose it? Also, if you have any other option let’s hear your opinion by using the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS or subscribe by using the Email subscription box by the top right-hand side on the sidebar for a quick and daily update! Thanks.

The Simple Logic Behind Marketing Of Product

What is marketing? Marketing is the process by which companies create customer interest in products or services. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business development (As defined by WIKIPEDIA).

A good entrepreneur must know how to go about it when it comes to the marketing of a product, Even if you go to marketing school that doesn’t mean you are a good marketer, for you to prove that you are a good marketer, you must be creative. If you have a good grade in marketing that doesn’t mean you are the best marketer. Its creativity that matters.Read on and you get to know the simple logic behind marketing.

Who are your main targeted people that you do market your product to? Is it the general target or the special target? General target is people that might not have an interest in your product while special target is people that have an interest in what you want to offer, people that have an interest in your product.

Now the first set of people you are meant to market your product to is the special target. Marketing of products is meant to be marketed to the special target because they are the ones that will give your product a value before any other person can do that.

Valuing of product from the special target will help bring more sales also bring in more customers before you wink. For example, if you are dealing with cigarettes, you don’t expect a nonsmoker to buy sticks of cigarette from you. Your main target should be the smokers because they are the ones that value it most before any other person, smokers and cigarette are from the same kingdom. The more effort you put in, the more the attention you get.

Also, let say you deal with school bags, your main target should be the students, they are the special target that will value your product first also they are the ones who need it most. You just have to market your products in a nice and approachable manner; I bet, you will get 99% attention from them. Even if they don’t have the money to buy the product from you at that moment, you just drop your business card so that they will be able to contact you whenever they need it.

After marketing your product to your special targeted customers, you can now think of the general target, approach them, tell them what your product is about, how they can benefit from it, I mean what the product will give them in return, when they see that you are sure of what you are saying they would love to give your product a try, so from there you are converting them into special target I mean your main targeted customer.

I hope it helps? If you have any suggestion or comment to make, please feel free to use the comment section below. Thanks.

Quantity Or Quality – What Do You Offer?

Most entrepreneurs get it wrong when it comes to the idea of offering product and services to their customers. Customers expect you to be sincere with them, by offering to them what will help them, also a service that will make them value you.

The offering of quality product and services to your customers will make them keep patronizing you, if you are thinking that offering quantity product and services will work out for you I bet you, once they figured it out that means you’ve put yourself in a big mess, and that might make you lose your customers.

Any product and services, you are to render must be a quality product and services , its always good to let your customers know why you are offering them a quality product and service, because some customers do complain, Due to the price or they want to know why you are offering the type of product and service to them. Let them know the reason why you choose to offer the quality and not the quantity.

By doing that, you’ve gained respect from your customers also it shows to them that you know what you are doing, and you are not to play an anonymous game. At times the anyhow customers, when I say customers anyhow I mean customers that don’t care to know if the product they want to get is quality, all they want is to just get a product and go, but yet that doesn’t mean you should take quantity product as your number one priority.

A good entrepreneur must offer a quality product, if he or she wants to successful, an offering of quality product to your customers has many rewards attached to it, if you don’t know. Try as much as possible to satisfy your customers by offering them quality services.

Aspiring Entrepreneur- Before You Start!

“It’s better for someone to embark on a journey and accomplish it than to embark on a journey and don’t accomplish his or her mission”. Most entrepreneurs fail due to one reason or the other; the game keeps getting tougher each day. As we all know that “Entrepreneurship is not a day job” it involves a lot of hard work and strategies.

Few entrepreneurs are successful, simply because they know why they are in, they know how to go about the game when the road seems to be filled with grudges, that’s why it’s always good for an aspiring entrepreneur to sit down and think before taking action.

Here are tips you need to look into before starting:

1) You must be self-prepared: Ask yourself that question, Are you prepared? Self-preparation matters a lot because you are going in to achieve a goal and not to fall out. You don’t just go into the game without knowing what it takes to get to the apex. You must be willing to face challenges, take a risk and strategize. There’s no way you can avoid it, it’s just a normal routine for every successful person, you must be ready to adapt to whatever comes your way.

So before going in, you must be self-prepared because it’s a “Do or Die” game.

2) Be passionate: You don’t have to fix yourself in a field you are not passionate about, don’t say because your friend or relatives are doing it that’s why you need to do the same. No! It won’t work out that way. I see no reason why you should imitate, for you to be successful in life , you need to be passionate about what you are doing , same also applies to entrepreneurship, Have the idea of any business you want to go into, If you are passionate about what you want to become in life I bet you, you will go places. Sit down and think, find time to study what you are passionate about, be passionate.

3) Develop the skills: Like I said earlier, “Being an entrepreneurship is not a day job” , you need to strategize and understand the tactics, so that you will know the strategy to play so as to beat your competitors down, Its better for you to develop the entrepreneurial skills before starting, don’t be lame, successful entrepreneurs have the entrepreneurial skills, so develop the skills before getting started.

4) Creative Hormone: You must be creative, Creativity is the master of all, Successful entrepreneurs are creative, so in other to be successful you must be creative. You don’t have to follow the crowd, create your shortcuts; Prove to your competitors that you are in for something, Creativity is one of the keys behind every successful entrepreneur. Be creative.

5) Boldness: There’s nothing like shyness in the entrepreneurship world, you need to be bold, wise up if you really want to be successful because only the smart entrepreneurs survive, if you are the type of person that don’t know how to defend his or herself, you will be left behind. Be bold, have courage.

6) Vision: Every successful entrepreneur have a vision, you must be able to understand your vision and be willing to commit to it, find your vision, is only lame entrepreneur that don’t have a vision my advice for you is to build your vision.


The next step for you is to take action. Work on your weakness don’t just sit down there and be expecting a manner from above. You need to start putting all these into action, “No One is Perfect”, But try as much as possible to get started Remember “Time Waits For No One”. Never panic, strive on and you will get to the peak.

If you have any suggestion or comment to make, please feel free to comment below! Thanks.

How To Promote Your Business With Little or No Money

Most people get confused on how they can promote their business with no money, due to one reason or the other and by so doing they feel like giving up.

Promoting your business with little or no money is not a hard thing to do, all that it need is SENSE! Yea how you can think and how you can strategize is what that matters. There are numerous ways to promote your product with little or no money, but the major ones will be talked about in this post.

Below are tips on how you can promote your business with little or no money.

Promotion based on commission: If you don’t have the money to promote your product, you can use this method and what I mean by promotion based on commission is that you will have to get people who will help you take your products out there and get buyers and if they make any sales, you will give them their commission based on their sales. You will have to search for them before you can get them, though these kind of people are scarce it depends on the area you are and when you get them try to be nice to them. It will help make them strive more in other to bring sales.

Business Cards: You can also promote your business through business cards, share out your business cards to people, let them know that you exist in the business world, Promoting your business through business cards do work perfectly. You don’t just print a business card for the sake of it, give your business card a pro look, and let your business card speak for you.

Free Hosting Platform: Now that the Internet has made almost everything easy, you can easily promote your business on the internet by using a free hosting platforms like WordPress or Blogger, and it requires little or no programming before you can set it up. All you need is give the site a domain name, give it a nice design and create pages and in each page tell them what your business is all about, your aim, etc. and start promoting it.

Network: You can also promote your business through networking, go out there meet people tell them what your business is about, meet people who are in similar business with you, chat with them so in case they get customers that need your service they can easily direct the person to you. Networking is the key. Attend seminars, conference show your area of expertise, talk to them about your business, also try to offer to be a guest speaker at certain events, so when you feed people with informative words, they will want to know you also the type of business you are doing. So try to network and don’t remain stagnant.

Social Media: You can use social media to promote your business for example you can use Facebook to promote your product, create a fan page and the page should be about your business, after customizing the page start telling friends about it also invite people to join your group from there you will share with them, facts about your business etc.

Free Giveaway: People love free things; free things make them come in a zillion. You can also promote your business by giving people a free taste of your business I mean a free trial, when they found out that its good they will patronize you also they will tell their friends about your business and from there your business will start growing.


Tell us about what you feel and also if you have any other ways a business can be promoted with little or no money, please feel free to comment below by using the comment section also if you love this post feel free to share it with your friends. Thanks.